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List of online donation, financial help, charity websites, organizations and persons

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Peoplematters has featured several articles by haryana mba hr ruchita kinge. It is time the website should also feature the mba hr ruchita kinge involvement in theft of single woman’s retirement savings in August 2012 allegedly as part of an intricate identity theft racket.
The single woman engineer had paid ruchita some money in 2011-2012 for approximately 100 articles.
After this the retirement savings of the single woman engineer were stolen in August 2012 allegedly by government agencies without a legally valid reason
One of the reasons mba hr ruchita is a suspect,is because ruchita refused to reply to the single woman after the theft.
Earlier ruchita had asked for work for her friend saurabh agarwal from KKU, when the desperate engineer contacted saurabh agarwal, he had the humanity to tell the engineer, that ruchita told him not to bother to reply, that the engineer does not matter
Later false rumors were spread that the mba hr ruchita was owning the single woman’sbusiness in goa to further cheat, exploit the single woman, when mba hr was working in top american companies
The single woman has not yet retrieved her savings completely, so peoplematters should investigate mba hr ruchita kinge’s role in the theft of the retirement savings of a hardworking single woman engineer

In 2012, greedy government employees stole the retirement savings of a single woman engineer based only on fake cases filed against her. They are trying to repeat the theft again by sending money orders from Ahmedabad. While officials dismiss the information as spam, the MO intimation and post office records show how hardworking professionals from powerless communities are being framed.

Money order to file fake cases

when bhandari professsionals are penniless students they are not a security threat
when they are working in their twenties, have very less money, they are not a security threat.
Only when they have worked hard and saved some money for their old age in their late thirties and forties they become the biggest security threat to the city, country without any proof at all, though there is almost no change in their activities in one of the biggest extortion rackets of rich and powerful communities like greedy goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, haryana scammer mba hr ruchika kinge, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree

IT, internet companies, government agencies fail to realize that when a citizen’s savings are robbed by government agencies without a legally valid reason, they will not remain motivated
The government agencies,and It companies have reduced the writing work available and expect the domain investor to take up any work available, lose her account. The domain investor worked very hard for 20 years, yet government agencies stole her savings without a legally valid reason and have refused to provide any reason for the theft.
So now the domain investor is not motivated to work very hard, because the government agencies are ROBBING the hard earned money of citizens, and keeping it. Instead of overexerting, taking stress, it is better to relax, do less work, spend time cleaning, so that robber government agencies have less money to rob.
It is better to do less computer work, have less money and more free time.

Though the corrupt liar government employees are falsely labelling the website content as spam, it is worth reading, because it exposes the endless frauds of the indian and state governments especially the GREEDY LIAR SHAMELESS madhya pradesh government which continues with its vyapam type fraud on the domain investor and the liar indian tech and internet companies, which the cowardly mainstream media in india does not cover.
The liar internet companies got the indore robber raw employee deepika a monthly government salary since 2010, falsely claiming that the indore robber raw employee with no domain investment, was an online expert, domain investor while the real domain investor was criminally defamed
Now that the domain ownership fraud of indore robber raw employee deepika and her fraud boyfriend ntro employee puneet are exposed, the indore robber raw employee deepika is now faking her resume, falsely claiming she has the resume of the domain investor, and that she was an employee of one of the largest engineering companies in india when indore’s greatest robber housewife deepika never worked as an engineer in mumbai, she was in purchase
Also indore’s greatest robber housewife left her job in mumbai in 1999-2000 to get married and relocate to indore in 2000, while the single woman domain investor continued with her job till 2001, yet the shameless greedy indore robber raw employee deepika is now trying to fake her resume to steal the mumbai savings of the single woman domain investor, who has no one to help or defend her.
There are many other employees, only the domain investor is famous worldwide because she alone took the risk of investing money in domains, yet ntro, raw, cbi continue to be very aggressive in their criminal defamation, financial fraud on the single woman domain investor, engineer
So this is posted as a fraud alert to show how ruthless and shameless the indian tech and tech companies,madhya pradesh government is in promoting one of the top indore robber raw employees google, tata sponsored indore housewife deepika, who never invested money in domains, and has no engineering experience like other google, tata sponsored lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees including bengaluru brahmin housewife nayanshree, 2005 bbm, wife of tata power employee guruprasad

Though the extremely corrupt indian government is falsely labelling all the website content as spam,it is worth monitoring because it exposes the complete lack of honesty and humanity of the most powerful companies, officials and high status people in indian society, the rot in indian society where frauds, liars are high status , they are all pathological LIARS who cannot be trusted.
One of the best examples of the fact that top companies, officials are pathological LIARS, FRAUDS who should not be trusted, is how kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani who looks like actress sneha wagh, got illegally married at 16, has no professional qualification, experience, yet fakes a btech 1993 ee degree from india’s top college, and gets a monthly cbi salary at the expense of the single woman engineer who has no one to help or defend her against top officials
The indian, goan government is falsely claiming that its favorite sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani, who has no savings of her own, owns the savings of the single woman engineer, in a clear case of FINANCIAL FRAUD on the single woman, criminal defamation of the single woman engineer to justify the great powers, monthly salary the goa government has given its favorite sindhi scammer schooldropout naina premchandani.

One of the reasons why the website network is full of complaints, is because the indian government only gives great powers to ntro/raw employees, refusing to question them for their mistakes or abuse of powers.
hence the ntro/raw employees are extremely aggresive in their financial fraud on hardworking private citizens, wasting crores of taxpayer money to steal the savings of harmless hardworking citizens who they HATE.
Blinded by their HATRED of their single female engineering classmate,a harmless single woman engineer GREEDY ntro/raw employees from the btech 1993 ee class of india’s top engineering college were overconfident of stealing her savings in 2010, and criminally defamed her in the worst manner, DUPING companies, countries and people with their complete lies and getting raw/cbi jobs for all their lazy greedy fraud girlfriends.

One of the most shocking frauds in India is how the government refuses to acknowledge the fact that Only to steal their female classmates savings, some engineers holding top jobs in ntro/raw from the btech 1993 ee class of india’s top engineering college fake their relationship with her
These engineers HATE the single woman, their female classmate so much that they criminally defame her in the worst manner, making up fake stories without any kind of proof, do everything possible to destroy her life, and have never contacted or helped her in any way at all.
Yet only to MISUSE her name, and steal her savings, they are faking their relationship with her, spreading false rumors that they are helping her, that she is their proxy, when they have never helped her in any way.