Peoplematters has featured several articles by haryana mba hr ruchita kinge. It is time the website should also feature the mba hr ruchita kinge involvement in theft of single woman’s retirement savings in August 2012 allegedly as part of an intricate identity theft racket.
The single woman engineer had paid ruchita some money in 2011-2012 for approximately 100 articles.
After this the retirement savings of the single woman engineer were stolen in August 2012 allegedly by government agencies without a legally valid reason
One of the reasons mba hr ruchita is a suspect,is because ruchita refused to reply to the single woman after the theft.
Earlier ruchita had asked for work for her friend saurabh agarwal from KKU, when the desperate engineer contacted saurabh agarwal, he had the humanity to tell the engineer, that ruchita told him not to bother to reply, that the engineer does not matter
Later false rumors were spread that the mba hr ruchita was owning the single woman’sbusiness in goa to further cheat, exploit the single woman, when mba hr was working in top american companies
The single woman has not yet retrieved her savings completely, so peoplematters should investigate mba hr ruchita kinge’s role in the theft of the retirement savings of a hardworking single woman engineer