Indian government agencies FINANCIAL FRAUD, savings theft of private citizens forces them to protest

Before blaming the domain investor for the website content, the internet sector should ask the indian government why 5 states in india, Madhya pradesh, goa, karnataka, haryana, maharashtra are allowed to get away with their financial fraud, resume theft on the goa 1989 jee topper, single woman engineer since 2010
The single woman engineer alone has worked hard for her savings, doing jobs, and leading a frugal life, taking the risk of investing properly, after doing research.
She has earned her savings legally, like other experienced engineers,small business owners.

Yet in a major financial fraud, the retirement savings of the single woman engineer are stolen by government agencies without a legally valid reason, and at least 5 states are falsely claiming that the stolen savings, belong to high status well connected lazy greedy frauds residing in the state to get all these frauds raw/cbi jobs with the stolen resume, savings of the single woman engineer who has no one to defend her against the LIAR state governments since she comes from the poorest, most powerless communities in India

The 5 LIAR state governments, indian government are aware that the google, tata sponsored lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees have never answered JEE, have not worked as engineers, have almost no savings of their own, yet being shameless GREEDY FRAUDS, they continue their resume theft, financial fraud on goa 1989 jee topper, with the help of LIAR fraud brahmin/bania ntro/raw employees who HATE the single woman engineer, yet SHAMELESSLY MISUSE her name.

When the indian government is openly criminally defaming hardworking single woman engineer, committing resume theft, financial fraud since 2010, the domain investor is forced to protest, so that people, companies and countries are aware of the indian government financial fraud on older single woman engineers from the poorest and most powerless communities in india