After savings theft of a private citizen without a legally valid reason, robber government employees mentally torture their victim using the latest mental torture techniques to prevent the person from trying to recover their savings.
Usually after financial documents are stolen, the person will try to get a duplicate at the earliest, yet the robber ntro employees like mhow monster puneet, are using the latest mental torture techniques to prevent recovery of the savings
They will keep sending messages, that the domain investor should give up the savings, so that the well paid greedy government employees can enjoy the money.

Indicating the worsening status of educated single women in India, Indian government rewarding cheater married couples for stealing the retirement savings of single woman engineer, after criminally defaming the single woman engineer
Taking advantage of the fact that hardworking single women professionals from the poorest communities do not have anyone to defend them against the complete lies, criminal defamation of powerful officials, Greedy married men hiding behind their cheater wives extremely aggressive in stealing the retirement savings of hardworking single women professionals
These greedy married men are aware that their lazy greedy wives have no savings at all, yet being shameless frauds they are criminally defaming the hardworking single woman to ruin her reputation completely and then falsely claiming that the retirement savings of the single woman belong to their lazy greedy cheater wives who mostly have no professional experience, and no savings of their own
Instead of questioning raw/cbi why they are making fake claims about their housewife, married employees who have no savings of their own, the indian government continues to support the married fraud raw/cbi employees in their financial fraud, savings theft of the single woman engineer,

In a clear indication of the harassment, government financial fraud which older single woman engineers face in india , the NTRO/RAW employees DUPING companies, countries and people that their lazy greedy SUGAR babies, twenty years younger to them, own the savings of a single woman engineer they HATE
The ntro/raw employees are aware that their lazy greedy girlfriends have no savings of their own, yet in a very convenient racket to CRIMINALLY DEFAME destroy the life of the single woman engineer who they HATE they are falsely claiming that the lazy greedy goan CALL GIRLS supplied by google, tata PIMPS were their btech 1993 ee classmate from india’s top engineering college, have the savings of their classmate.