While the government agencies are dismissing all the content in the website network as spam, the domain investor is not the only indian citizen who is complaining of fake allegations and fake cases.
The Seven-time lok sabha MP Mohan Delkar who died in February 2021 after being harassed, threatened with fake cases also confirmed that powerless communities face fake cases
Only after Delkar’s death, the problems he faced got coverage in the mainstream media, yet the same media refuses to cover the fact that some professionals from the poorest communities including the domain investor face fake allegations for more than 11 years without getting help

Professionals from poor, powerless communities like domain investor owning this website network, are finding it a major challenge to prevent the theft of their savings by the rich and powerful communities like the greedy goan bhandaris
This is because of the government policy of blindly believing in the complete lies of the rich and powerful communities, their officials who are ruthless in criminally defaming innocent professionals from the poorest and most powerless communities in india, taking advantage of the fact that the professional has no one to defend her
The onions domains cheating fraud of gujju ntro employee parmar, and gujju ceo bhavik t, who repeated their lies like parrots for more than 11 years, is example of how gujju officials are making up 100% FAKE STORIES to criminally defame domain investors from the most powerless communities, who have no one to help or defend them against the LIAR gujju and other officials, companies